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Cheddar Reservoir: recent photographs of the magical scene at dawn in July as the waters greet the new day under the shadow of the Mendip Hills

Summer dawns on Somerset’s large strawberry shaped reservoir between Axbridge and Cheddar are often glorious affairs. Golden sunrises at around 5am are a particular feast as the 1930s reservoir acts as a mirror to the sky. Here a few images of the last few days in July 2019.

STRAWBERRY LINE TIMES – GALLERY: Cheddar Reservoir pictured at dawn during the month of January 2018

The photographs were taken by Harry Mottram on his phone when out for a jog early in the morning. For much of the month it has been dark or misty – or pouring with rain – making photography difficult.

The reservoir is two and a quarter miles in circumference and was built in the 1930s. In January it is filled with coots and moorhens while geese and swans also winter here. There is public access all the year round making it a popular walk, cycle way, and running track with views across to the Isle of Wedmore and the Mendips.

More at http://www.harrymottram.co.uk/?page_id=23

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STRAWBERRY LINE TIMES: Views of Cheddar Reservoir during 2017 – from dawn to dusk and from drought to downpours 

The giant mirror that is Cheddar Reservoir reflects the vast skies above Somerset creating an ever changing waterscape – not unlike that of the sea. Measure more than two miles around and a mile or more across the man made lake built in the 1930s is a popular place for walkers, joggers and families – as well as sailors and fishermen.

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