Stretchmark Theatre

From The House on the Square to Dodgy Keeper…

Stretchmark Theatre stages plays written by Harry Mottram. It effectively began in 1997 with the pantomime Humpty Dumpty staged in Axbridge First School in aid of the PTA. The following year Old Mother Hubbard was staged in the same way.

Since then Harry wrote The House on The Square in 1999. The play was directed by John Bailey – a creative partnership that has continued for more than a decade and which led to a community theatre group being founded following the 2000 Axbridge Pageant. Further plays for Axbridge Community Theatre included Romans, Rioters and Rotters (2001), Starter, Main, Sweet (2002), and Rattle His Bones (with Annabel Hackney) in 2004, and Waiting for the Sherry (2005).

And there was further collaboration with John Bailey on the 2010 Axbridge Pageant. Independent plays have included Dodgy Keeper (directed by John Bailey),  Better Than Sex (directed by Diane Lukins) and Blindy Bear (directed by Rupert Bridgwater). Push! (directed by Harry Mottram) in 2010/2011. Full details from Harry on

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