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A photo shoot for the Pageant publicity this year

2022 Axbridge Pageant

The script for the 2020 Axbridge Pageant – the huge history play staged in the town of Axbridge has been updated by Harry Mottram. However the pageant has been put back to 2022 due to Covid 19. For more details visit

2011-12 Push

The Story: Abi is 40, pregnant and determined to have her baby naturally at home – despite previously having had a caesarian and facing the opposition of her partner Matt, her retired midwife mother Maggie and daughter Zoe. As she goes into labour Matt is equally determined to drag her to hospital – if necessary by her hair. (Well he is a medical student and prospective doctor.) The comic story is told by Abi through drama, song and a special film of all the off-stage action made on location in Bristol and Somerset by film director Geoff Dunlop.

Written and directed by Harry Mottram. Staged in The Oakhouse Hotel Axbridge and the Alma Tavern Theatre, Bristol.

See the videos made Geoff Dunlop

2010 Junk

Tolstoy the bear, Zak the Zebra, and Rachel the rag doll are thrown into a skip. When they hear about what might happen to them they plan to escape. When the Plastic Mastic Man emerges they take flight and leave the dump.

Written and performed by Harry Mottram. Various venues across the South West.

2009 Better Than Sex

A 35 minute one man play about Harry’s weekend when he tries out ten things that are better than sex – on the suggestion of his partner when she goes off on girls’ weekend leaing him facing two whole days without sex. He tries chocolate, massage, drugs, football and even winning the National Lottery. It is performed using stand-up comedy, performance poetry and drama.

Written and performed by Harry Mottram. Directed by Diane Lukins. Staged in Plymouth, Exeter and Axbridge.

2008 Dodgy Keeper

Dodgy Keeper is a man who is in denial. His life is chaos. His marriage, job and position in his beloved football team are all under threat. And it’s all his fault. One fateful afternoon, it all comes to a head. Harry Mottram, directed by John Bailey, delivers a high octane, high energy comedy drama. With storytelling, song, a special film (a mini soap opera) made by BBC’s Matthew Hill, a selection of notes on the world’s dodgiest goal keepers, blank verse and physical comedy, the world of Dodgy Keepers and football is bought to life in an enthralling performance that appeals to men, women, older children and teenagers.

2006 Demob Happy

2005 Waiting for the Sherry

2004 Rattle His Bones

2003 Fox Furs and Fag-Ends

2002 Starter, Main, Sweet

2001 Romans Rioters and Rotters

2000 Axbridge Pageant

1999 The House on the Square

1998 Old Mother Hubbard

1997 Humpty Dumpty

1978 The Princess Can’t Dance