Midlife to Midwife

Midlife to Midwife by Linda Mottram

New book on one midwife’s journey

Midlife to Midwife by Linda Mottram

After a bad day childminding and following one too many glasses of wine, this book takes you through the process of how a woman of 40 with no qualifications and four young children turns her dream of becoming a midwife into reality. Follow the ups and downs of her life as a mature midwifery student through her previously published diaries. For all budding midwives out there or those of you just wanting to know what it’s really like this is a must read!

Linda Mottram lives in Axbridge in Somerset with her husband Harry where she brought up their four children – all who have now flown the nest. She was one of three children to Joyce and Giovanni Bellachioma (an Italian POW) and she grew up in and around Taunton in Somerset and left school at 14 with no qualifications. After her fourth child was born she studied at Bridgwater College, The Open University, The University of Plymouth and Sheffield University gaining a Masters Degree and a Diploma in Midwifery. She currently works in research following a career as a community midwife. She is still a registered midwife and also a qualified doula.

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You can find me on Doula UK https://doula.org.uk/doula/linda-mottram/

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Linda is available as a doula. If you are planning on a family or are interested in childbirth then check out Linda’s work as a doula. As a qualified midwife and long term midwifery researcher at Oxford University Linda as a published author offers emotional and physical support during the transition to parenthood as well as a wealth of experience. See https://lindamottram.wixsite.com/doula and http://www.harrymottram.co.uk/linda/