With carnivals across Somerset facing hikes in costs for staging their annual parades, Axbridge Carnival Committee have been busy raising money to secure their September carnival. Their latest fundraising event on Wednesday, 13th March, 2024, was a music quiz in Axbridge Town Hall. The brainchild of resident Barry Walsh, the event featured the talents of Mark Feven as Piano Man who plays all the music live on his electric piano.

All 110 tickets were sold so a packed town hall saw a highly successful evening with £939.20 raised from ticket sales, a raffle and a cash bar.

Carnival Committee member Di Owen said: “This goes a long way to ensuring that the Axbridge Blackberry Carnival can take place on Saturday, September 21st, in the afternoon. None of this would be possible without the commitment and hard work of the committee, many of whom have joined us this year, and the generous Axbridge community.”

Louise Walsh said the evening had been a ‘stunning success’ and she thanked everyone who turned out on a cold mid-week evening to keep the spirit of carnival alive in what was a team effort from the supporters of the carnival. Her words were re-iterated by Karen Healey who said: “Absolutely everyone played their part- from gifting raffle prizes, buying tickets, helping to set up and tidy away, staff the bar, through to organising and promoting the event. It was amazing.”

The Axbridge Blackberry Carnival takes place in the afternoon and coincides with the fun fair that fills the town’s square for three days ensuring the event sees thousands of people line the streets. However, in the last couple of years carnivals across Somerset have seen the cost of road closures, insurance and other costs spiral threatening their continued operation. In Axbridge a new committee has set about raising the £5,000 needed simply to stage the event – and the music quiz has gone a long way to secure the carnival this year.

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