By Harry Mottram: Peter Pan – the play by JM Barrie first performed in 1902 – and turned into films, cartoons, musicals, a radio production, a book and countless adaptations including pantomimes ever since. In fact it is almost certainly somewhere on stage on screen in any given month – ever since the story of the boy who couldn’t grow up was penned.

I’ve always had an affection for the play since playing Tootles the lost boy – and killer of Tinkerbell – in a school play in Seaton Town Hall in Devon, in the 1960s – and my sister Alex taking the role of Captain Hook. Now a new version is on in Bath this season at the Egg Theatre and sees Wendy in Neverland.

In the faded kitchen of a once-grand townhouse, Wendy is growing up fast, perhaps a little too fast. Between her homework and caring for her family, Wendy dreams of one last childhood adventure. In fly Peter and his friend Tink, a mischievous pair who can’t or won’t grow up. When they steal Wendy away to The Neverland, the stage is set for a thrilling battle against time, against Hook and against magic! Wendy: A Peter Pan Story speaks of the innocence and wonder of childhood and the importance of imagination and creativity.

Wendy: A Peter Pan Story appears at The Egg at the Theatre Royal Bath from Friday 1st December to Saturday 13th January. Tickets are on sale at the Theatre Royal Box Office on 01225 448844, The Egg on 01225 823 409 and online at

Cast and creatives:

James Baldwin – Writer

Jenny Davies – Director
Lex Kaby – Assistant Director

Anisha Fields – Designer
Charlie Cook – Associate Designer

Adam Fuller – Puppet Director
Deepra Singh – Movement Director
Bethan Clark – Fight Director

Jack Drewry – Composer and Sound Designer for Tink
Dinah Mullen – Sound Designer
Nick Laws – Sound Engineer
Diana Drew – Sound Assistant

Joe Price  – Lighting Designer
Nicola Crawford  – Associate Lighting Designer

Chris Harrisson – Projection Designer
James Lisk – Projection Engineer

Virginie Taylor – Caption Designer
Hannah Malone – Caption Operator

Anna Dixon – Costume Supervisor

Lisa Hall – Production Manager

Kirsty Milne – Company Stage Manager
Chaz Webb – Deputy Stage Manager
Bryony Harrison-Pettit – Assistant Stage Manager

Kate Lovell – Access Consultant

Liana Cottrill – Wendy
Rozelle Gemma – Mum / Hook
JoAnne Haines – Jon Michael / Tootles
Alice Lamb – Tink
Joseph Tweedale – Peter

Joseph Brown – Understudy: Peter, Jon Michael / Tootles, Tink
Loussin Pilkian – Understudy: Wendy, Mum / Hook