By Harry Mottram: Axbridge Community Theatre’s production of Gogol’s The Government Inspector proved a big hit with the sell out audiences – but the photos of the cast by Adam Clutterbuck also proved a hit. These are some of my favourites – and by the way his website is at and he plans to set up a section where you can buy prints of the photos on his website.

The director David Parkin in what I called a King Lear pose
Robin Mace reading THAT letter! He had to snatch if off the Education Minister’s hands to reveal some home truths
Bliss is at least six inches off the floor as she and Janet (mum and daughter in the play) jump for joy at the thought of becoming A-list celebs in St Petersburg
Nigel Scott brings everyone down to earth with his announcement as it dawns they’ve been taken for fools
The Odd Health Department Couple. Jude and Marina – thank goodness they don’t work for the NHS
Entrance of the wheelbarrow. The play stops for a moment as Peter Harding appears with turnips – yes, everyone was confused as to why
Tony Leach as Klestakov – a masterly performance and super photo by Adam
Impossible not to laugh at Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky – an exceptional double act from Marieke and Katie as the airhead bumpkins
Phil as Osip – one of the few characters who tells it like it is – and a repose to grace any oil painting
Possibly Tony Wilson’s best ever performance – this as The Mayor – a massive part with long speeches – and he smashed it. Here he is in a more humble post – so unlike his character in the play
Would you like a light? Nigel about to have a melt down as he tries to bribe the Government Inspector – his money-in-his-shoe scene was pure physical theatre
You can’t get the staff these days. Klestakov balling out Katie (incidentally she’s the town hall manager in real life so had every right to stand her ground) – she doesn’t look too intimidated by the fake inspector
Action shot of The Mayor getting duff information from Bobchinsky
I’m calling this shot of the Days as ‘trouble with the retail sector’
That moment you have to go on bended knee so as not to be given another flogging. Poor Sonia as the Sergeant’s Widow – but then again she did flog herself according to the mayor
Sorry Tony Leach – but I’m calling this Beauty and the Beast
The ‘you’re laughing at yourselves’ scene. Tony accuses the audience in this cracking photo of the finale
These ones are mine – this shows one of Kelly’s hairstyles created by Marina – different each night
And the artist and her model
Katie giving herself a black eye
This one was taken by Carole Shuff from the front row – Christine played possibly the nosiest ever postmaster