JULY 23, 2023

By Harry Mottram: Bath maybe a city with a growing urban sprawl but that hasn’t prevented wild life to populate its parks, woods and gardens. And in some case its streets. Recently a fox was seen trotting down Great Pultney Street as though it owned the place. And in some gardens and copses – especially around the fringes – they do. No huntsmen are going to chase the brush tailed creature with a pack of hounds through the lanes and byways of Bath as it would be impractical and highly unpopular.

Badgers, moles and hedgehogs are also garden visitors while if you happen to walk along the banks of the River Avon you can’t miss the sight of the not so exotic rats running hither and thither. The Avon has in recent years seen otters spotted by members of the Camden Residents Association at Cleveland Bridge, while another aquatic mammal has been observed to peruse the river in search of trees to chew at – yes the beaver is back in our waters.

Roe deer are regularly seen in the woods off Englishcombe Lane and in the green cover provided by the trees behind Culverhay, Bathampton and Claverton – and caught in the headlights of cars almost anywhere in the city at night.

Sarah McGlynn on Bloomfield Road captured on film a peacock (pictured) – which has to be rated as the most exotic of visitors – presumably it has taken a break from somebody’s garden to call in at – well anywhere it fancied.

As far as non native species are concerned the meercats, reindeer and alpacas have not escaped the from the Avon Valley Wildlife park or for that matter there have been no sightings of panthers in the city. So far the Beast of the Mendips is yet to call in and give residents a shock.

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