To all members of the Chamber

Just a note to say I’ve decided to stay on as secretary of the Chamber for the time being so we can organise the AGM as there are a number of important issues to be addressed. However I am advised that this usually takes place in June so in the meantime I will organise a meeting in late February or early March to discuss the pageant, race night and carnival – events the Chamber is involved in – and by then we should know the Covid situation and whether any events can take place. I remain unapologetic about my stand against the Town Trust over the Boutique’s clothes rail affair as I had the backing of the majority of members and hundreds of residents who signed the petition and I strongly reject the criticism of those who disagreed. But the matter appears to be closed for the time being. As soon as I have the details of where and when the 2022 meetings will take place I’ll post them to all members. I intend to stand down as secretary at the AGM so request members to come forward to take on the role from June 2022. Harry Mottram