On the left is Darren Jones, left, who chairs the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy committee, and Stephen Timms, right, chairman of the Work and Pensions committee and on the right is Rob Templeman the former CEO of Debenhams and Jonathan Feuer , a managing partner at CVC

There’s been a trend in recent months of asset strippers taking over big retailers and gutting them to line their own pockets and leaving a mess as they disappear.

The latest example is that of Debenhams which was seemingly deliberately run down by the likes of Jonathan Feuer of a private equity consortium of CVC, Merrill Lynch and Texas Pacific Group, which owned the firm for three years between 2003 and 2006. He paid himself £50m while in post – more than the current deficit for the pension fund which has a massive black hole meaning pensioners will 10% less than they would expect. And then there was the former CEO of Debenhams Rob Templeton who paid himself a million pounds a year from 2003 to 2011 when the company was struggling and many shop workers were on minimum wage.

“The landmark stores were part of our high streets,” said Ian Carrotte, “and should have remained as gold mines for the owners. Instead, they allowed them to become outdated and run down while shafting them financially. Now there are 19,000 shop workers out of work, suppliers owned millions and our high streets much poorer as a result. I hope the parliamentarians haul them over the coals.”

Darren Jones, chairman of the business, energy and industrial strategy committee, and Stephen Timms, who chairs the work and pensions committee will lead the questioning of the multi-million pound former executives of the department stores after having previously criticised their handling of one of the UK’s most famous shops.

BooHoo bought the name and online aspects of the business when it finally closed in May.

Writing for the Daily Mail’s This Is Money Richard Marsden reported: “But, in 2007, the Financial Times estimated he and two other directors made personal profits of £103million from when the company was refloated in 2006, with Templeman netting £41million. Meanwhile, TPG Capital’s one-time European boss Philippe Costeletos, 56, said to have been the ‘mastermind’ of the Debenhams takeover – is also thought to have enjoyed multi-million-pound bonuses. During that period, the firm was loaded with more than £1billion debt, £1.2billion was extracted in dividends – almost double the profits made over the period – while store freeholds were sold and leased back, on expensive, upwards-only rental contracts, to raise £495million.  Dozens more branches were opened, adding dramatically to the company’s rent bills which rose 55 per cent in the next ten years.”

Below is a list of firms that have recently got into financial trouble:

Administrators Appointed
Preston Paving (UK) Limited    06339407
UKL Projects Limited    05556420
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Castle Construction Building Limited    06830720
Masters Building Solutions Limited    10329327
Orange Civil Engineering Limited    11201582
Supreme Building Developments Limited    11185470
The Only Way is Kirk Limited    07563845
Liquidators Appointed
1st Solutions Infrastructure Contractors Limited    10766161
Bramber Construction Co Limited    01354167
Brian Hall Limited    08651094
Conform Concrete & Formwork Specialists Limited    04668122
Construction & Fit Out Solutions Ltd    10319223
Costhorpe Building Products Limited    03031707
Dents Fabrication Limited    10522881
Ethical Construction Limited    12486802
GFL Construction Limited    08864377
Luca Construction limited    10724706
M J P Joinery Services Limited    09784108
Northwood D&B Vision Limited    12108828
P and P Groundworks Limited    07480887
Platinum Home Refurbishments Limited    12308899
SB 82 LTD    12337959
TRW Northwest Limited    10410879
URBN Construction Limited    09689767
Walker Electrical Projects Limited    11246243
YSG Group Limited    11569405
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Advanced Cooling Solutions Limited    04758183
Hopkinson Plant Hire and Construction Limited    03749126
Plant Home Limited    05715808
RMP Homes Limited    03345434
The Building Renaissance Company Limited    03624100
White Rose Developments Limited    01968037
Petitions to Wind Up
Orchard Brickwork Limited    08562134
Winding up orders
Chic Building Limited    11305153
Ellis Walls and Ceilings Limited    07174441
Home Counties Interiors Limited    12051053
Purple Development Homes Limited    11621690
SPD Group NW Limited    09907101
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Jake’s Vegan Steaks Limited    10776376
Masterchef Luton Limited    08847894
Maya Foods Limited    11310486
VF Foods (UK) Limited    09202578
Wingtip Brewing Company Limited    09427769
Liquidators Appointed
Goa Spice (Mexborough) Limited    11849430
China Village 118 Limited    11942276
Mrs Canopy Limited    12226365
The Field Kitchen (UK) Limited    07457911
The Tasted of China (Yorkshire) Limited    09947852
Wingtip Brewing Company Limited    09427769
Yokkmokk Limited    11248055
Members Voluntary Liquidations
John W F Hughes & Co Limited    00826647
R Jackson (Potatoes) Limited    00141592
Selby Salads Limited    04204258
Winding up orders
The Meat Company (Sussex) Limited    11974869
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Boutique Restaurant Group Limited    10874825
Downtown Food And Drink Limited    11496874
The Coliseum (London) Limited    11160730
Liquidators Appointed
A Nineteen Company Limited    11448516
Bar Opus Limited    08460427
Bay of Bengal Limited    11057624
Holdsworth Designs Limited    04850315
Horns Mill Limited    11855661
Inception Global Limited    08154233
Lodge Events Limited    11996880
Lounge India Lowestoft Limited    11352853
Manor House Spa Limited    09691932
Sea View Hotel Swansea Limited    11467614
Opus Restaurant Limited    05244581
Scorpion Event Production Limited    03879627
Shakes & Steaks Company Limited    11963742
Shepherd Cox Hotels (Manchester North) Limited    10604330
Studio Bea Limited    11518330
The Rose & crown (Hoylandswaine) Limited    11438999
Members Voluntary Liquidations
A-I-R Hotels Limited    01148159
Hellene Travel Limited    03644980
Studytrips Limited    02611466
Studytrips Travel Limited    03336697
Tourico Holidays UK Limited    07194495
UEI Restaurants Limited    07325381
Administrators Appointed
Trans 2 Logistics Limited    09621600
Venian Warehousing And Distribution Limited    10439127
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Airline Taxis Limited    07884904
Dutch Logistics Limited    09443819
Fuel Specialist Cars Limited    10445328
JB Rail Solutions (Doncaster) Limited    09943848
JCM Transport Nantwich Limited    06623138
MW truck Assist Limited    10215056
Nosa Ajanaku Ajanaku Driver Services Limited    09528273
Liquidators Appointed
Annett Road Garage Limited    12235726
Bristol Freight Limited    11221639
DG Transport (Manchester) Limited    10145280
Easy Taxis (NW) Limited    12000235
Fast Despatch Logistics (Croydon) Limited    11612891
Fast Despatch Logistics (Dartford) Limited    11610277
Freight Fulfilment Limited    09789069
Hall’s of West Moors Limited    11512093
Hope Commercials Limited    04328571
IB&Co Services Limited    10146265
J A Plant Hire Limited    10512334
Johnston Rigging and Lifting Limited    09023277
LRP Transport Limited    11114389
Lutterworth Transport & Trailer Services Limited    06616698
MW Truck Care (Kent) Limited    12600098
MW Truck Care Limited    12280566
New Rodley Motors Ltd    07918673
Red Century Logistics Limited    07857556
Rhys Davies Freight Logistics Limited    01692338
Members Voluntary Liquidations
J.D. Birch & Son Limited    01194548
Autoteq Limited    01434750
Hobby Caravans (UK) Limited    01741984
Road Rail Services Limited    09160705
Stobart Rail Freight Limited    05961679
Stobart Transport & Distribution Limited    05907280
Administrators Appointed
Form Manufacturing Limited    09462616
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
A S Fashion (Leicester) Limited    10026384
Innocence Clothing Limited    04184514
Sigmetech Limited    12012729
Liquidators Appointed
Ancestors of Dover Limited    02742815
Coleford Energy Limited    08163696
Forever Textiles Limited    10975106
Harton Services Limited    03371021
Hand Tools Sheffield Limited    07461075
HP Engineering & Fabrications Limited    10440455
Osprey Solar Limited    08215492
Strategic Reserve Power Limited    09160218
Williams Service Suppliers Limited    12177262
Yolo Attire Limited    11217901
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Brook Wind One Limited    10138767
Brook Wind Two Limited    10198534
Stark Solar Limited    10259098
Streetwise Fabrications Limited    06652243
Winding up orders
Oakhurst Engineers North West Limited    11354777
Administrators Meetings Para 51
Monument Paper Bag Company Limited (The)    00481099
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Premium Brand Management Limited    07252881
Ipex Communications Limited    12109835
Liquidators Appointed
Clarendon Press Gloucestershire Limited    05144567
Crawford Shopfitters Limited    11217755
Devon Paper Bedding Limited    08858005
Doublesix Digital Publishing Limited    06429398
Kedoku Limited    09945999
Samantha Maria Limited    09226756
SK Publications Limited    034988366
Reevo Media LIMITED    11378857
RPW Design Limited    09073948
The Branding Team Limited    06594483
The Office Product Network Limited    06904772
The Shopfittings Store London Limited    11211206
TLS Marketing Limited    12341983
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Buzzword Media Limited    09072793
CJ Design Consultancy Limited    08351069
DQH Design Limited    08242731
Expression Marketing Limited    08141812
Griffin Design Consultancy Limited    07600568
Larkmoor Advisory Limited    11390206
Smudge Media Limited    10251647
Tech & Media Group Limited    10414860
Petitions to Wind Up
Aequitas Packing (UK) Limited    08913537
SGK Interiors Limited    09450679
Administrators Appointed
Clement Browne Limited    07184480
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136
Your Car Solutions Limited    10398386
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Akal Nation Limited    10864888
Clapham Wine Company Limited    08074846
Easylinks Trading Limited    03158627
Queen B Cosmetics Limited    11548852
Red Salons Limited    07946145
Romford Balti Limited    11574753
VF Foods (UK) Limited    09202578
Liquidators Appointed
Amcam Limited    08298525
Bluestar Foods Limited    12435655
Compass Music Ipswich Limited    04648229
Cotswold Creative Living Limited    09055064
Cocoa Cashmere Limited    07063801
Goa Spice (Mexborough) Limited    11849430
Interstate Design Ltd    08999203
Jolly Colliers 122 Heanor Limited    12315226
Marston Road Store Limited    09614947
NU U Salon (Hair and Beauty) Limited    09480727
SA Food Stores Limited    10976928
Shoe Embassy London Limited    10448917
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Cary Trading Limited    11223836
Petitions to Wind Up
Cherhil Limited    10836497
Winding up orders
Golf Depot Limited    02995248
Administrators Appointed
Sumatra Copper & Gold PLC    05777015
Administrators Meetings Para 51
Essex County Laundry, Limited    00140030
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136
Lordrite Wooden Floors Limited    06599600
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Brickcroft Social Club 2018 Limited    11604024
Fenwick School UK Limited    12439249
Keating Sports Horses Limited    11773475
The Elite Education Group Limited    12122167
Sterling Aesthetics Limited    08416715
Liquidators Appointed
Accident Reporting Services Limited    06389070
Aintree MMA Limited    10392131
Cool Kids Out of School Limited    06130632
DAG Fishing Limited 11965099
DMT Collections Limited    10420287
Evergreen Education Limited    11363383
Members Voluntary Liquidations
Atkinson Tractors Limited    00880460
Danbury Motor Caravans Limited    04385764
Guy Mascolo Charity    07729927
Mayfair Healthcare (Durham) Limited    06428250
Westminster Local Education Partnership Limited    06458328
Winding up orders
ZRT (Bolton) Limited    09320788

Types of Insolvency

Administration applies to limited companies and partnerships and is intended to get the company out of trouble and trading again if possible. Administrators can be appointed to a company that is unable, or is likely to become unable, to pay its debts. They can be appointed by the courts (on application from a creditor, directors or partners), the holder of a qualifying floating charge over the assets of the business, or the company or its directors. An administrator’s primary goal is to rescue the company as a going concern. If this isn’t possible, the administrator will try to get a better result for the creditors than would be possible if the company was wound up. If neither of these is possible, the administrator will sell the company’s property to make at least a partial payment to one or more secured or preferential creditors, such as employees or the bank.
Administrators Meetings Para 51
This statement by the administrator of his proposals must be accompanied by an invitation to an initial creditors’ meeting (Sch B1, para 51(1)).
This can only apply to individuals (including sole traders and individual members of a partnership). Bankruptcy petitions may be presented to the court by the individual, by creditors who are owed £750 or more, or by the supervisor of an individual voluntary arrangement. A bankruptcy order is made by the court.
Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)
A company comes to an arrangement with its creditors to pay the debts in full or in part over time. A CVA begins with the company (or its adviser) drafting a formal proposal at a Creditors’ Meeting to pay part or all of the debts. If the proposal is accepted by the creditors, the arrangement will become legally binding and the directors will retain control of the company.
Compulsory Liquidation
This is the winding up of a company or a partnership by a court order (a winding up order). A petition is normally presented to the court by a creditor stating that he or she is owed a sum of money by the company and that the company cannot pay.
The Official Receiver becomes liquidator when the order is made but an Insolvency Practitioner will be appointed to take over if the company has significant assets. The liquidator’s role is to realise the company’s assets, pay all the fees and charges arising from the liquidation, and pay the creditors as far as funds allow in a strict order of priority.
Compulsory Liquidators Appointed S 136
When a winding-up order has been made, the Official Receiver is initially appointed as liquidator (section 136, IA 1986). The company’s creditors and contributories may appoint another individual, who must be a registered insolvency practitioner, to act as liquidator (section 139, IA 1986). More than one liquidator can be appointed to act jointly.
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation
Here the shareholders pass a resolution to wind the company up without the need for a court order. A Creditors’ Meeting is held to nominate the appointment of a liquidator and consider a statement of affairs. Creditors can appoint a committee to work with the liquidator, whose role is to realise the company’s assets, pay all the fees and charges arising from the liquidation, and pay the creditors as far as funds allow in a strict order of priority.
Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meeting
Creditors are now ‘deemed to have consented’ to a decision or resolution if 10% of creditors (by value) have not objected to it. In other words, if objections are not received by the specified decision date, creditors are ‘deemed to have consented’ to the decision or resolution.
Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
An individual comes to an arrangement with creditors to pay his/her debts in full or in part over time as an alternative to bankruptcy. The arrangement is set up by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner who will put it to a meeting of creditors. If the proposal is accepted at the meeting, the agreement reached with the creditors will be legally binding. An Interim Order is sometimes issued by a court and will immediately protect the debtor from any legal action by creditors.
Petitions to Wind Up
A winding up petition is a legal notice put forward to the court by a creditor. The application, in effect, asks the court to liquidate the company as they believe the company is insolvent. Proceeds of the liquidation can be used to pay back creditors.


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