Rob Stanley

Crossing the road safely for 20 years – paying homage to school crossing patrol officers

Along with train drivers, footballers and pop stars, lollipop men and women (or school crossing patrol officers as they were first called) are the unsung heroes of school children and their parents.
Rob Stanley has been thanked by the Council for his work as a school crossing patrol officer in Widcombe last month where he has seen his young charges across the road for 20 years.
Edmund Knollys, Widcombe Schools’ PTA Chair said: “Encouraging more children and their parents and carers to walk, cycle or scoot is better for them, our city, and our planet, but it wouldn’t happen without walk to school initiatives and the dedication of school crossing patrols like Rob.”

A lollipop lady in London in the 1960s – complete with her baby in the pram

The first lollipop lady took up her role in 1937 – in Bath. Mrs Hunt may have been the first but it was London’s Dorothy Pummell for Barking Council who promoted the post as the number of road accidents involving children was horrifyingly high.
Then 90% of children walked to school, falling to around 50% today. Harry Mottram.

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