AGENDA WEST: scam alert for the self-employed and small businesses – bogus email and link to HMRC to claim a tax refund because of Covid-19 (but there’s one tiny give-away which your eye may not notice)

Scam alert!

The scam works like this: an email arrives seemingly from the taxman or the HMRC – Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – asking you to log in to read an important message about a tax refund due to Covid-19.

If you click on the link it takes you to what appears to be the official site – everything is there as you would expect it but for one tiny detail which your eye may not pick up. Instead of the logo saying HMRC it says HRMC.

If you then click on the link to see the message about the refund it asks for your bank details to be typed in. Of course instead of sending you a refund the scammers simply drain your bank account and disappear. You’ve been warned as it is doing the rounds – preying on businesses and the self-employed who have had a difficult year and may believe the email is genuine.

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