AXBRIDGE SHOWCASE NEWS: Race Night is saved! It won’t happen this week but is postponed until October 3rd due to the coronavirus crisis – so mark your diaries

Back in the day: this is Preston where the Guild banner was carried through the streets to demonstrate the importance of the Guild in the community’s life

The highlight of the showcase year and vital fundraiser has become the latest victim of the coronavirus outbreak. Race Night was to be held in the Town Hall this Saturday, March 21, but organisers have moved to switch it to October 3rd, 2020. The evening features tables of participants enjoying a fish and chip supper, having a few drinks and placing bets of screened horse races. The programme, bar money and betting money raises cash for community projects. This year the 18th century Axbridge banners are the subject of the fundraising. The banners were created to highlight trade and worker guilds in the town – and are currently needing restoration which is very expensive as they are very fragile. Details of the autumn date of the Race Night will be issued via the Axbridge Chamber of Commerce soon – but for now put October 3rd in your diary.

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