STRAWBERRY LINE TIMES News: Axbridge Pageant 2020 features a drop-in recruitment and information evening THIS SUNDAY, January 26th, in the Town Hall, 4-7.30pm. Your chance to sign up for the biggest community event of the decade

One of Marc Le Galle’s photos of the promotional photo shoot this month

The recruitment and information evening is on Sunday, January 26th, and is an appeal to those residents who haven’t yet signed up to come along and find out what’s involved. The Axbridge Pageant 2020 is over the bank holiday weekend in August, Saturday to Monday, August 29-31, in the afternoon. 

The recruitment and information drop-in evening in the Town Hall runs from 4-7.30pm and will feature plenty of information including photos, a video and organisers to explain the many roles available. They range from marshals and dressers to actors and walk-on parts. There’s plenty of action scenes with battles, riots and fights, as well as more poignant scenes with poetry, beauty and song.

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