It is generally agreed that the country is currently gripped by the political crisis that is Brexit. Parliament has rejected the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement he has made with the EU and won’t allow him to call an election until No-Deal is off the table – mainly because he has no majority in parliament. It’s a stalemate with no end in sight – other than Boris Johnson being forced to seek an extension which may or may not be granted.

Meanwhile there is huge uncertainty in the country and in particular in industry – with no sign of it ending. My day job is to write about UK industry and its problems of liquidations and debt – and I can report that the situation is getting worse by the week as companies hit the rocks. I believe leaving the EU is an economic mistake and voted Remain – however the referendum’s result is difficult to dismiss – and I feel a second one would be equally divisive. Having thought about how the country can at least find some form of closure and move on I’ve come to the conclusion that Parliament should vote through the deal and the UK to leave the EU.

Then if I suspect the country will take an economic hit – many who advocated Brexit will change their minds as jobs and business go to the wall and demand a new Government reapply. This would destroy the Brexit argument once and for all as at least everyone can say – ‘we tried it and it didn’t work.’ On the other hand if there is little or no effect to the economy then a future Government can always alter the terms, labour laws, immigration rules etc, and adjust the new situation as they see fit. And in the future today’s younger generation can always put right the wrongs of the baby boomers and rejoin the EU.

At the moment both sides have become entrenched in their views – with some people I know personally saying terrible things about friends who voted differently. It’s really unpleasant to see the disgusting things written on social media and said by people who should know better (including politicians). It has to end as it is an untenable situation.

Harry Mottram