In less than four weeks the UK is set to leave the EU. Except of course it won’t and in my opinion it never will. I made the prediction more than two years ago writing in the trade magazine Print Monthly which covers the printing, paper and ink industries – as well as communications in general. The reasons behind my thesis was not based on ideology – I am neither in favour of one side or the other although pragmatically I see remain as the safer economic argument as it is known.

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Back in 2017 I felt Boris Johnson would eventually become the leader of the Conservative Party and PM as Teresa May did not have the numbers to get her EU deal through parliament. Johnson has the same problem and due to his antics parliament has ganged up to box him in politically. My prediction was he would be the 100 day PM – I see no reason to change my view. History may look at May more favourably as she did manage a deal with the EU and could have achieved Brexit – although not the one some in her party wanted.

There will be no EU exit on October 31, 2019, but instead a winter general election in which Labour will become the next Government with help from the SNP and others – and Brexit will be kicked into the long grass as being impossible to do – possibly confirmed by a new referendum.

I may be wrong but so far – my predictions have proved true. Mind you I did predict Bristol City would win the FA Cup last year so don’t put your money on it.