Review Pillars of Society at The Axbridge Roxy. November 1, 2018

Replace the House of Commons with the House of Comics, and replace the establishment with a new Utopia based on kindness. Two of the lines that come from a trio of stand-ups who presented their manifesto of mirth at a reasonably packed Axbridge Roxy with their comedy roadshow The Pillars of Society.

Introduced by Christian Russell-Pollock suitably dressed in hi-vis jacket and safety helmet in a set composed of cardboard pillars and safety tape he explained that predictions of how we’d look in the future were wrong. Nobody would wear space style clothing, instead the best representatives of obese Britain were the Teletubbies.

Jon Matthews presented a more radical set of thoughts expressing his hatred of i-phones – or rather the smugness of their owners while Eliza Fraser pointed out that The Fat Controller in Thomas the Tank Engine was a classic pillar of the establishment with his top hat, tail coat and managing director role of the trains.

The show culminated with a survey and the building of a new set of cardboard pillars with some of the new found principles of the new Utopia. Entertaining, thought provoking and slightly chaotic but always engaged with the audience The Pillars of Society is a comic sideways look at society.

Harry Mottram

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