By Harry Mottram: Trying to explain how a progressive supper works is like trying to explain the off-side rule in football or why a group of retired dentists, brigadiers and estate agents thought Liz Truss should be Prime Minister. You need flow diagrams, power point presentations and several sheets of type written notes. Essentially everyone who takes part has a three course meal – with each course in a different house in the town – so it involves walking in the dark as much as dining. But here goes anyway:

The Progressive Supper involves a three course meal eaten at three different locations. Participants either provide one course at their home, or travellers who pay only to dine and do not need to provide food and drink with them although hosts will never turn away a bottle of something. Cash is raised by those taking part and also by a raffle with the prizes announced at the end of the evening. The evening begins with everyone drawing lots from a hat from 6.15pm in the Lamb Inn to discover where they will be dining meaning the evening is a total surprise to all. There’s a strict timetable – see below. Dress code is black tie or dress to impress – basically make an effort.

The unexpected nature of the evening means it’s a night to remember as hosts tend to ensure their unexpected guests have plenty to eat and drink. It’s also a chance for a spring clean for fear the guests will be shocked at the state of their loo or kitchen! Each course is for a set time, at the end of which everyone gets up and scrambles, or staggers as the night wears on, to get to the next course – which could be anywhere in Axbridge. the beauty for hosts is the guests are only with for an hour or so – before they move on to the next course.

And the raffle is a must for everyone – so please bring a fiver (cash only) or a tenner and buy a ticket – all the money goes to the three chosen charities.

TICKETS NOW ON SALE: The Progressive Supper is on Saturday 2nd December: 6.15-7.00pm Assemble at The Lamb’s Back Room, to draw out of a hat where you will be dining. Buy a raffle ticket for £5 cash with all funds from the evening going equally to The Axbridge carnival, Axevale Men’s Shed, and Cheddar Food Bank – last year we raised £2,000.

Times: 7.15pm-8.15pm starter; 8.30pm-9.45pm main; 10pm-10.45pm dessert; 11pm-12midnight the Lamb. The courses are released in batches as we need to balance numbers – so be patient. The only increase is for travellers – up to £65 for a couple from £60. The rest stay the same: £5 for Sweet and Main, £15 for Starters as last year.–bristol/axbridge-progressive-supper/