OCTOBER 27, 2023

By Harry Mottram: The mystery of the disappearance of Levi Davis may never be solved after no body has been discovered after it was believed he fell into the sea in Barcelona. Reports in British media say a court has ruled in the city to end the investigation into the former Bath rugby who was last seen on October 29, 2022, in the Catalonian city after leaving the Old Irish Pub near the Rambla.

A report from a witness on a cruise liner in the bay near the harbour suggested he was seen in difficulties in the sea – however this was not passed to authorities at the time. In April the Mossos d’Esquadra (Spanish police) concluded he was likely to have drowned although there was no evidence that he either boarded a boat and fell in, or for some reason entered the water at the dockside.

If no new evidence is found, then it is a tragic end to a story of a man who appeared to be troubled with money and personal problems but as a talented rugby player and singer had the whole world at his feet. His mother Julie Davis who visited the city in search of clues criticised the speed of the police hunt for her son. His disappearance made headlines around the world and was covered in radio and television programmes such as BBC Radio 4’s File on Four programme.

BBC TV News channel aired a feature on the mystery with interviews with his friends and family. Police in Barcelona have said Levi officially remains a missing person. Mossos d’Esquadra told the BBC there were “disturbing” issues with “no logical explanation” meaning the story does not have a satisfying end or more importantly some form of closure for his family.

In 2017 Levi played his first match for Bath against Bristol and was to go on to make more appearances scoring some 20 points before leaving in 2020 to play for Ealing. He was also known nationally for having appeared in the X-Factor Celebrity programme in the group Try Star.

Previously Levi Davis had posted a video on social media saying “my life is in danger” days before he disappeared. The 24 year-old outlined how he was being blackmailed by criminals who were threatening to kill him and various theories have been put forward including the idea he was in debt to gangsters. As far as investigators are concerned it appears he somehow ended up the sea – how or why is a puzzle.

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