APRIL 20, 2023

By Harry Mottram: By Harry Mottram: It is being widely reported in the media that police in Barcelona who have been investigating the missing former Bath rugby player Levi Davis have said he was seen in the sea by the crew of a ship. Police have told his mother he may have drowned if the reports are correct.

Apparently the crew of a ship near the port of Barcelona spotted a man answering to Levi’s description was seen in the sea calling for help shortly after he disappeared on the 29th October last year. Since then there has been speculation about what happened to the troubled X Factor contestant and sportsman.

The BBC’s Rachel Stonehouse & Steve Mellen reported: “His mother Julie Davis said Catalan police were investigating reports by cruise ship staff they saw a man in the water shouting for help.

“Ms Davis, from Solihull in the West Midlands, said she last had contact with her son a few hours before he went missing.

“In a statement issued on behalf of her family she said she and Mr Davis’ friend Richard Squire had met Spanish police earlier in the week and been given the update concerning the sighting of a man in the water.”

The distressing news came from the crew of a cruise liner – they had thrown a life ring towards the man who was calling for help in English and they said his clothing fitted that seen in the last image of him caught on CCTV in the city. The last signal from Levi’s phone was from a point in the harbour area of Barcelona adding to speculation that he entered the water and got into difficulty.

Catalan Police had drawn a blank in their search for him and could not decide if a crime had been committed – especially when a video emerged of Levi saying his life was in danger. If the man in the water was Levi then it appears to be the end of a tragic story and an answer to the question of his disappearance. Bath Voice understand the authorities are following up the reports while his family have asked for privacy in the meantime.

Levi Davis played for Bath Rugby Club in 2017 – but left in 20220 to join Ealing and later Worthing RFC.

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