Jasmine Hyde played the titular character

Radio Review: Little Dorritt, BBC Radio4X. At more than a thousand pages Charles Dickens’ novel Little Dorritt is an epic read as the story of kindly Arthur Clennam (Julian Wadham) unfolds and his relationship with Amy Dorritt develops.
Set in the dark and impoverished world of Victorian London the narrative is so convoluted and rambling that I was relieved that BBC Radio 4 Extra reduced it to just five episodes – a repeat of the 2001 production broadcast again this January and available on BBC Sounds.
Abridged by Doug Lucie and directed by Janet Whitaker the drama was given a tangible 19th century atmosphere by being recorded on location in London with music by Mia Soteriou.
Did they really find the Circumlocution Office, the confines of Bleeding Heart Yard or the creaking doors of Newgate Prison where Little Dorritt (Jasmine Hyde) spent so much time?
Listening to the story narrated by Ian McKellen as Charles Dickens during the dark days of early January gave an added shiver as Arthur’s fortunes rise and fall and rise again on his mission to be nice. An action thrown back in his face by snotty William Dorritt (John Wood).
A story well told – or rather broadcast – and still a dark social satire and a tale of redemption first penned back in 1855.
Harry Mottram

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