Anthoney Zurcher

Radio Review: Americast, BBC Radio 4

During the strange period of recent American history when Donald Trump was president and his failures since leaving office there was one voice that made sense of it all to me: Anthony Zurcher.
The Washington based journalist is part of the team of Americast featuring Sarah Smith and Justin Webb. In the episode of Donald Trump launches White House bid the programme also had contributions from the BBC’s Social Media and Disinformation Correspondent, Marianna Spring.
With his slightly nasally voice with its Texas-lite accent, the Americast contributor imparts informed views on the MAGA movement, what makes the Trump supporters tick, the ins and outs of the election of a speaker to the House of Representatives and why Trump remains both very popular but also divisive – and from our perspective – why thankfully Trump is on his way out.
Anthony Zurcher is the Beeb’s North America correspondent and also regularly appears on BBC TV news programmes where his long face and domed pate, arrests viewers’ attention with his erudite views.
Normally in the background is the White House or a political rally as he picks out the salient points of seemingly bonkers politicians.
In particular he gives an insight into how American democracy works – in some ways undemocratically and in other ways better than the UK’s system. Always worth a listen.
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Harry Mottram