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A best-selling author accused of blackmail has been banned from contacting a Wales-based printing company for ten years.

The author claims to be one of those who has lost out to the print broker best known as Neill Malcolm Stuart John (although he works under several pseudonyms) and Hunnisett—who describes him as her “boyfriend.”

The pair were nicknamed ‘The Bonnie and Clyde’ of the print industry by Jonathan Haskell, father of England Rugby player James Haskell, after he lost money in dealings with them.

Montague is behind a string of books on facts such as The A to Z of Everything and has had a career appearing on several TV game shows. He appeared in Cardiff Crown Court formerly accused of blackmail, although the nature of the blackmail was not disclosed.

The BBC wrote: “A best-selling author accused of blackmail has been banned from contacting a Wales-based printing company for ten years. Trevor Montague, 63, agreed to the restraining order ahead of a trial at Cardiff Crown Court. The case was dropped, and prosecutor Gareth James said the complainant wished to “put the matter behind them”. Mr Montague, of Crawley, West Sussex, wrote “A to Z” books of facts and made several TV quiz show appearances. He claims to have sales of more than three million. He was accused of blackmailing a printing firm based in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.”

Their activities first came to light after angry customers took to social media and the internet after Houseprint (trading as The Printing House, The Book Printer, UK Print, and several other pseudonyms) went bust in November 2016 owing hundreds of thousands of Pounds in unpaid bills. This was along with incomplete or undelivered print orders to scores of UK customers and publishers. Hunissett is listed on Companies House as the sole director of this company, although Print Monthly’s investigations have led to the conclusion that John was the front man. The Printing House trading name is completely unconnected with Crewe-based The Printing House.
John has been accused by scores of writers, publishers, printers and self-publishers of taking money up front, not delivering what was ordered, or not paying contractors for print orders.

Print Monthly has championed the unhappy customers and suppliers in several stories over the last two years when they have supplied concrete evidence to support their claims. As a result, Print Monthly has been threatened with court action by Hunnisett due to the ongoing documenting and reporting of customer complaints connected to the companies she and John have been directors of. She states they are “lies from the internet”, and that Print Monthly is “writing lies”.

Montague told Print Monthly he knocked on the door of the home of Hunnisett, which he believed her to share with John, in order to have a “calm discussion” about a print job. A confrontation which then ensued is apparently what led to the court case.

A story exposing John’s business practices was taken down the same day from the Barry and District News website.

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