AXBRIDGE NEWS: photographs of Cheddar Reservoir at dawn during February 2018 (from moonlight to arctic light)

This is actually the moon in the evening rather than dawn – it was already getting dark

Classic dawn colours looking towards Cheddar and the east

A calm start to the day

Red dawn on a blood coloured reservoir

Spooky looking tower at the Res looking like a submarine deck

Sunrise in February

This was March 2nd or February 30th as I call it – the Arctic comes to the reservoir

Brrr…. March 2nd and it is freezing

Part of the reservoir became frozen – at the edges that is

Unusual snow cover at the Reservoir

Snow drifts at the yacht club

Icy edge made walking almost impossible. The dog walkers and joggers disappeared this morning!

The ice people wait for the morning sun to melt them away

Winter scene at the Res

The vast strawberry shaped reservoir between Cheddar and Axbridge acts like a mirror to the sky. February began as though spring was not far away but ended in a snowscape adding to the beauty of the body of water.

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