STRAWBERRY LINE TIMES – EVENT: Northern Soul Night in Axbridge Town Hall this Saturday, May 12th, tickets on sale – includes home-made pies, Dr Love’s music and an amazing light show (and you will work off a few pounds with all the dancing)

What is Northern Soul? Here’s what it’s all about:
And it’s coming to Axbridge! Check out the dancing – Northern Soul night coming up in Axbridge! Get your tickets for the Roxy benefit now! Northern Soul is this Saturday, and tickets are in the Post Office, Chemist and here at the Roxy. Tel 07725 051523 and Juliet Maclay can reserve them for you at the pre-door price of £9. Come and support your local community cinema, and eat our lovely home-made pies! Plus have a great work out dancing the night away to Dr Love’s Vinyl Revival (plus amazing light show) and lose a few pounds!