By Harry Mottram: For several weeks in 2023 Axbridge was the setting for the filming of the Holly Jackson’s novel A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder – flowers bedecked the Square, a facade to a Cheese shop appeared and everywhere there were people carrying large black and silver boxes filled with camera, lights and sound equipment. Several properties were used for their exteriors and their interiors including the Old Drug Store in the High Street.

Emma Myers as Pip, standing in front of a blackboard of evidence gathered
Emma Myers as Pip (Image: BBC/Moonage Pictures)

Now the BBC have announced that the screening on BBC3 and i-player will happen later this year and have released photos of the cast on location in the town.

A brief synopsis of the novel – adapted for a TV series: “Five years ago schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend Sal Singh. Case closed. The police know he did it. Everyone in town knows he did it. But smart and single-minded Pip Fitz-Amobi isn’t so sure and she’s determined to prove it. If Sal Singh isn’t a murderer and the real killer is still out there, how far will they go to keep Pip from the truth?”

Emma Myers stars as Pip who won’t let go of the case of missing Andie Bell, while the cast includes Anna Maxwell Martin (Motherland, A Spy Among Friends), Gary Beadle (Rye Lane, Small Axe), Mathew Baynton (Ghosts, Wonka) and newcomer Zain Iqbal.

Left to right: Cara (Asha Banks), Pip (Emma Myers), Lauren (Yali Topol Margolith), Zach (Raiko Gohara) and Connor (Jude Collie) walk down a road together
Cara (Asha Banks), Pip (Emma Myers), Lauren (Yali Topol Margolith), Zach (Raiko Gohara) and Connor (Jude Collie) (Image: BBC/Moonage Pictures)

The production company that have made the series are Moonage Pictures who adapted Nancy Mitford’s comic novel The Pursuit of Love into a television series with in this case Poppy Cogan as the lead writer. BBC Studios, who have a minority investment stake in Moonage Pictures, are handling international distribution of the series. A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder is a co-production with ZDFneo for Germany.

The BBC have yet to announce the date of its release – other than to say soon – this year.

Pip (Emma Myers) and Ravi (Zain Iqbal) lie on a bed staring at the ceiling
Pip (Emma Myers) and Ravi (Zain Iqbal) (Image: BBC/Moonage Pictures)

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