JANUARY 18, 2024

By Harry Mottram: Every journalist is keen to know which stories are read the most – and I am no different. But I am often surprised at what readers find the most interesting – it is an uncertain science and the results often change with the weather and the mood of the city. So here goes:

Numbers one and two are the stories on Save Combe Down Allotments – clearly they have touched a nerve.

At three it is the story of an Oldfield schoolgirl who has been recognised for her bravery in being treated for cancer.

At four it is a preview of a book called The Unsung Women of Bath and Somerset. That’s the image above.

At five, six and seven it’s the regular sports round-ups and news with results of the football and rugby teams with a piece on Finn Russell – Bath does love its rugby.

At eight it is the campaign to save Moles and at nine everything you wanted to know about prostate cancer.

And breaking into the top ten at ten is Voices for Life – the children’s singing scheme that has captured the hearts of everyone who love music – and they have released their debut album. Or will – I should add – next month – so make sure you order a copy from their website.