By Harry Mottram: I posted these notes on the Axbridge Community Face book page as part of a welcome to new people joining the site and to those moving here. They obviously touched a nerve as a lot of people have mentioned they have an element of truth and or have been caught out themselves by some of the verbal traps. I recall spelling Axbridge with an ‘e’ in the middle – and being chastised for it at the PTA back in the day – but we are all at fault at one time or another. Any road up – here’s the list that got a few knowing chuckles:

Things not to say to locals when moving to Axbridge: don’t call Axbridge a village (it’s a town by charter), or call it West Cheddar (possibly a capital crime), don’t spell Axbridge with an ‘e’ in the middle, don’t say the name is a con as there is no bridge and no river in the town.

And don’t say you think there shouldn’t be a fairground in the Square in September or you don’t like carnivals, pageants, progressive suppers or fun days – and especially do not doubt the existence of Father Christmas as the man in red appears in the town every year in the Sports and Social’s Father Christmas in the Square.

And finally don’t complain about the church bells, the clock striking the hour or the sound of cows mooing!

I think that’s about it – but if you think of any more email me at and I’ll add them to the list.

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