By Harry Mottram: On Monday February 20th, 2023, the Axbridge Town Council will debate the plans for a new greenhouse off the A38 – and more importantly the proposed housing development off Houlgate Way.

The Planning and Licences Committee will meet at 7.00pm in Axbridge Town Hall. Details of minutes and agendas can be found at

Today was the last day to make a comment on Sedgemoor District Council’s planning portal about the plans for 53 new homes which would also see the loss of 18 parking spaces on the road plus the felling of two mature trees to make way for the development.

The picture is the view from the top of the site looking down the hill with Houlgate Way on the left

To register a comment, visit the Sedgemoor District Council Planning Portal and key in the Application Number 02/22/00021. You must include your name and address and your comments will be in the public domain.

One of the main objections is the site is outside of the Axbridge settlement boundary and is not allocated for housing within the council’s Local Plan, which runs until 2032.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the council meeting.

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