Suffering: the run was a hang-over cure

I shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine the night before the 10K in Bath.
Well, several glasses of wine but it was a wedding reception for a couple of friends and I couldn’t celebrate with lemonade.
And so it was with a headache and a woozy feeling that I lined up in the Brickfields in Bath for the Relish Running Two Tunnels event.
Not just a 10K but there was the a marathon, a half marathon and the body sapping long ultra marathon.
I know my limitations and opted for the 10K reasoning that I could walk it if the energy levels dipped – as it’s only around six miles. Essentially the distance along the road from Keynsham to Twerton.
Competitors were sent off in waves of around 20 or so in order not to choke the narrow paths leading to the Two Tunnels cycle and walkway – and to create some sort of social distancing.
It meant that due to the circular nature of the main course there was a constant stream of runners going in both directions meaning that although I was in second to last place I didn’t feel so bad.
Initially I had planned to run alongside a lady with a pushchair but she soon left me behind as she and the others sped off into the distance.
It’s an interesting route as the long tunnels are lit and there are information boards describing the industry and times of the former railway.
Perhaps I shouldn’t have stopped to take in the views and the odd photo or I could have come in third for last.
And perhaps I shouldn’t have had that last glass of wine the night before – but the 10K worked as a hang-over cure.
Harry Mottram

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