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Posted on 16th April 2020by ianc

AGENDA WEST CONSUMER NEWS from Checkaco: The coronavirus catch: builder won’t return buyer’s deposit

The Guardian’s Miles Brignall has written about the case of a house buyer who said they have been well and truly stitched up Redrow Homes this April.

The reader contacted Miles Brignall to say: “Earlier this year, we agreed to buy a newly built home in Kent from the developer Redrow. We had sold our home and all was proceeding well. Having come under considerable pressure to agree some upgrades, we paid almost £14,000 upfront for granite kitchen tops and Siemens appliances. We were told that this would enable the purchase and completion to go through on time.

“Within hours of the coronavirus lockdown starting, the person who had agreed to buy our house pulled out. With no possible way to find a new buyer in the current climate, we, in turn, have had to withdraw from the Redrow purchase.

“We assumed that we would receive our £14,000 back, but the company has refused. It claims its terms and conditions state that all items ordered are non-refundable. I have asked for evidence these items were ordered or installed by Redrow but they are unwilling to share this information. The site in question in Ebbsfleet Valley has been shut, so no work is happening.”

Property sale deals are falling apart across the country as people pull out of buying a home. If you think you won’t have a job by the summer then getting a mortgage will be impossible and so not surprisingly people are like MW in Kent are in a fix.

Always check them out first by going online and seeing other people have had a problem with them by doing a basic Google search. Or you can use a paid for search at and for £3.85and check the firm’s history as listed at Companies House.

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